Alchemist 0.1.2 Quality of life update

Update 0.1.2 is live! I showcase the changes in the video, and here's also a written version of the changelog.

Save games from the previous version are fully compatible with this one.

  • Features
    • Update to inventory, crafting, trading UI. A small popup with item description now follows the selection cursor, instead of text window fixed in one place.
    • Keybindings can now be remapped. With a few exceptions (text input), all commands in the game can be rebound. The UI supports binding to any keyboard buttons, plus mouse buttons except for left and right click. Conflicts between keys are automatically detected and accounted for.
    • The game can now be run in a window. The default is still borderless fullscreen.
    • FPS limit can be adjusted.
    • Safety net for players moving over chasms by clinging to walls. The game forbids moving into them when your potion only has 1 turn left (as that would make you fall the next turn) and keeps warning you when the duration is about to run out (also stopping continuous actions, similar to taking damage). Warnings can be disabled.
    • Added sound for eating food.
  • Balance
    • Book spawn weights slightly shifted towards books with practical knowledge in the early game.
    • Increased spawn rate of books for one spot (bugfix).
    • Reduced the spawn rate of ash piles in burnt areas, because the player already has access to more ash than they would ever use.
    • Glowing crystal shards give 2x something luminescent instead of 1 when distilled.
  • Bug fixes
    • When crafting with a torch or a lantern enabled, they will no longer burn any fuel (so the player doesn't have to remove them manually).
    • Fixed the game not understanding that chasms are passable when sticky hands effect is on, which prevented moving over them with mouse controls.
    • Fixed water not making you wet if you teleport into it, rather than walk.
    • Fixed water not making creatures wet if you push them.
    • Fixed rare lua errors caused by very specific circumstances.
    • Fixed rare random crashes.
  • Performance
    • Improved performance for fire.
    • Improved memory management when playing a lot of sounds.
    • Converted all music to ogg, reducing file size from 400 to 120 mb.
  • Other
    • Removed blank window appearing for a split second before loading screen.
    • Some item descriptions are made more verbose. Most importantly, potion of embers explains fire in more detail.
    • Description for human bones in crypt no longer states they are "gnawed by predators".


Alchemist 0.1.2 128 MB
Feb 24, 2022
Alchemist 0.1.2 (.love package) 126 MB
Feb 24, 2022

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